The Parajet Academy offers foot-launch powered paragliding training.

Everything You Need To Be a Safe & Confident Paramotor Pilot

Parajet Academy training courses are built on nearly two decades of involvement at the forefront of the paramotoring world. Low student-to-teacher ratios with highly skilled instructors, coupled with a safe and supportive environment makes the process of learning to paramotor easy and enjoyable.


The Parajet Academy works with a British Hang-gliding and Paramotor Association (BHPA) registered school.​

10-Day Residential Course

On-site accommodation means you're only a few minutes away from the training field. So you can maximise your training and time in the air.

High-Quality Gear

You’ll use the best Paramotoring equipment specifically tailored for fast and safe progression while developing your new PPG skills.​

Our philosophy: Safe. Competent. Confident.

Our instructors work hard to ensure that you are safe and confident in your PPG skills. That you are competent in launching, flying and landing your paramotor skillfully without assistance or difficulty. Emphasis is placed on safety right from the get-go, along with absolute understanding of the rules, regulations, physics & complexities of paramotoring.

Premium Training Experience

Our paramotor training courses use the industry-leading BHPA syllabus. In-depth tuition will give you the fundamentals of weather, glider control, motor skills, regulations, maintenance, with access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that would take years to learn.

Days 1 to 3

Introduction to the course, your equipment and flight.

Learning to launch and control the glider and non-powered flights

Introduction to paramotoring, Parajet paramotors and safety equipment

Days 4 to 5

Practice PPG launches and landings.

Your first solo paramotor flight

Circuit flying, practicing and developing launch and landing techniques

Days 6 to 8

PPG flying and technical improvements. Navigation flights using GPS

Coordinated turns, Spot landings, Engine failure practice, Alternative controls

BHPA Club Pilot skills review, examination and accreditation

Days 8 to 10

Accumulation of PPG flight hours

Introduction to free flight

Further free flight training

Know before you go!

To get the most out of your paramotor training and time at our flight school, it's best to arrive prepared. We provide all equipment and refreshment so just make sure you have the following items with you as a minimum to help make your learn to fly experience successful and enjoyable.

Ankle-Supporting Footwear

The right footwear provides protection from debris, stability on uneven ground and​ reduces the chance of ankle rolls

Suitable Outdoor Clothing

A lightweight layering system which is comfortable and breathable is important. This will allow you to adapt to changing conditions

Adequate Sun Protection

The training field is exposed and you can burn even if it's cloudy. It's wise to wear SPF 30+ suncream and suitable sunglasses

Ready to take your love of flying to the next level?